I am Savina. U.K. based style blogger, originally from Bulgaria. My philosophy in life is that we are all here to find something we love doing and do it. I love discovering new things in all areas of life and sharing my experiences. A good sense of style is very important to me. The clothes we wear are a projection of our personality, and that’s why fashion is my tool of expression.

The Mademoiselle S blog began as a simple fashion diary and lifestyle sharing experience. With time, the blog also added columns such as travel, diaries, fashion trend analysis and style ideas. At present, the blog has grown into a space for fashion inspiration, with the purpose of showing young girls various ways to express their individual style and motivate independent women to succeed through the stories of my own journey in the fashion industry.

Up to date partnerships include GRAZIA Bulgaria, OK! Magazine, ELLE, COACHDKNY, H&M, MissguidedEsprit, Boohoo, Dorothy Perkins, Claudia Shiffer Make upDaniel Wellington, Triangl, 21 Buttons, and many others.

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International enquiries:  savinamanagement@gmail.com
Bulgarian enquiries: officialsavina@influencer.bg

Thank you for being a part of my journey!