Thursday, October 5, 2017


You may not like Bali at first. Especially if you’re coming off a plane after having spent the last 24 hours travelling, arriving just after midnight with a massive, almost impossible to be moved 30kg suitcase, wearing a completely unsuitable outfit for the boiling heat outside, and the taxi driver who’s giving you a ride from the airport to the hotel hasn’t got a single clue where your hotel is (and not using a GPS either.) You won’t like Bali too, if you don’t fancy street dogs, cats, rats and bats, and massive traffic all day, every day.

Even if you decide to do a quick meditation in the taxi to release the stress and focus on some positive affirmations, it may still come as a bit of a shock to you when the taxi driver pulls the car  over, explaining in broken English that the traffic is too much (at 1am on Sunday!) and he is not able to drive you to the hotel (which, he is still unsure exactly where it is situated). Welcome to Bali!

Yeah, as I said, Bali is not a love at first sight. But it’s this kind of love that lasts forever.

Do I need a visa for Bali?

Depends on where you are from. If your country is in this list, then you’re allowed to stay in Indonesia for 30 days visa-free. You also don’t need to pay any tax when you arrive or depart the country, as the airline companies include the fee in your flight purchase.

Where can I exchange money? 

My advice here is always to exchange money in the country you’re visiting. It was quite a struggle for us to find Indonesian Rupiah in the U.K, so my boyfriend and I exchanged a little amount at the airport that would do us for the first couple of days. Don’t do it! (Obviously, unless you really don’t have any other option!) The commission is over the top, the exchange rate is awful, and it’s simply not worth it. When we arrived in Bali, we found out that there are Money Exchange desks at pretty much every corner and the currency rate they were offering was even better than the official one stated on Internet! Here’s a pro tip - don’t exchange all of your holiday budget at once. At least not in Bali! Do it in parts, otherwise you might end up coming back home with a lot of Indonesian rupiah left. Everything in Bali is amazingly cheap!  

Where to stay in Bali?

When it comes to accommodation in Bali, the choice is great. You can stay the night in a hostel or motel for as little as £6 per night. Or go to an average to nice 3 or 4-star hotel for £13 per night. There are also incredibly fancy villas and spa resorts with private beaches for the people with the finest taste (and fattest wallets). There is a trick here though! Most of the cheap places (including the “average to nice” hotels I mentioned above) are not always as great as shown in the photos and described on the Internet! So here is my tip - when you’re booking your holiday online, book only one-night stay regardless how long you’re visiting for and when you arrive, if you’re happy with the place, you can always extend your stay. If you’re not happy though, as I said, there is plenty of choice around. We personally used but I probably won’t use them for our next trip. 

What to do in Bali?

Everything! You can literally do everything! From exploring the culture by visiting temples, museums, coffee and rice plantations, and indulge yourself with spa treatments, such as massages, manicure and pedicures, ear candles, and anything you wish really. To surfing, bodyboarding, skydiving, jet skiing, scuba diving, river rafting, safari and breakfast with elephants, sacred monkey forest, and turtle conservations. The list is never-ending, guys! My personal advice is: rent a scooter for a week (it costs about £25) and explore the island for yourself! There is so much to be seen! Little villages with local people doing their daily activities, women carrying massive baskets with fruits on their heads (so impressed by the body balance they’ve got!), hidden waterfalls, stunning private white sand beaches, magical sunsets and sunrises, and so much more.

 What are the best beaches in Bali?

It really depends on your personal taste. For example, if you’re all about surfing, you’ll love the Kuta beach. If you’ve never done in before, but always wanted to try, here is some good news! The price for a surfing lesson with instructor and board is just under £9 per hour! 

On the other hand, if you’re like me and looking for something rather Instagrammable, like blue waters and white sands, but don’t have a big budget to spend, then I’d recommend visiting the Nusa Dua Beach. There is no entrance fee for the public side of it and I was surprised to find out that there were barely any visitors, despite the fact the beach was so nice and fully accessible. 

If you don’t mind spending £20 and want something super chic, go to the Dreamland Beach! Come back to thank me later! ;)

What to eat in Bali?

Similar to the activities, I was amazed by the choice of food in Bali! The island offers cuisines from all over the world. Italian, Spanish, Mexican, American, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, traditional Indonesian, British, French, Greek, Russian… the choice is unlimited. We personally had a really lovely dinner at this Greek restaurant called Warung Souvlaki in Legian, Kuta. Something very important to mention here is - don’t drink any tap water in Bali and be careful with the fresh fruits and salads in the restaurants in general. Unless you don’t mind spending your holiday on the toilet, I’d advise using mineral water, even when you’re brushing your teeth! 

What are the secret spots in Bali?

Here is my list. The description and address of the places are under each photo!

Jl.Pantai Gumicik, Ketewel, Indonesia - stunning black sand beach!
The Dream Museum (DMZ), Kuta, Indonesia 
The Dream Museum (DMZ), Kuta, Indonesia
The Stones Hotel, Legian Bali (Psst, the rooftop pool is free entry not only for hotel guests!)
The Stones Hotel, Legian Bali
Jalan Raya Tegalalang, Gianyar, Coffee Plantation (It's entry free and you get to try a complimentary set of different coffee and tea flavour shots, whilst enjoying a magnificient view!)
Jalan Raya Tegalalang, Gianyar, Coffee Plantation
Gianyar Bali, Indonesia - Rice Plantation

What’s the best thing about Bali?

To me personally, that would have been the energy in the air, the vibe of the local people. There was something so calming and magical about this place that had nothing to do with the environment or the weather… Let me tell you a little story. 
On our second day, we met this Indonesian guy called Roberto. He was working on the street as a promoter. He told us that his biggest dream was to work in a hotel. I have never met such a passionate, honest and warm person as Roberto. The simplicity of his dream was so inspirational! He didn’t want to conquer the world, have a 7-figure income or be well-socially known, approved and admired by everybody. All he wanted was to earn just enough so he can be able to support his family (as he shared with us, he was the oldest brother) and to find a girl that he can make a family with. As simple as that. He seemed so happy! He also seemed more passionate about his dreams than most of the people I am surrounded by, and surely happier than all the successful (and wealthy) people I know. That made me seriously rethink a lot of my values, but that’s a subject for another post. 

To summarize, the best thing about Bali for me was indeed the whole experience with a completely different culture and a different code of behavior, and way of living. This energy coming from the people was so pure and relaxing in a way, that it was making you forget about everything you already know and believe, and completely change your mindset about life. That, together with the breathtaking views and places we visited, will surely leave Bali in my heart forever.

I am in Bali and luck had nothing to do with it

Saturday, August 26, 2017

I am in Bali and luck had nothing to do with it

- You going on a holiday? Where?
- I'm off to Bali for 3 weeks.
- 3 WEEKS?! Wow! You're so lucky! I'm jealous!

"You're so lucky!"
"I'm jealous!"

I've been hearing these two phrases a lot lately. From colleagues at work to friends at the supermarket, and even from relatives. And I don't like it. In fact, I completely disagree with them. Big time. I'll tell you why.

Luck is when you win the jackpot on the lottery.
Luck is waking up safe in your own bed after a crazy night old with your friends, having absolutely no idea how you got home.
Luck is when the cashier gives you too much change.
Or when you get to the train station late but thankfully your train was also delayed.

That's luck. When things by chance happen in your favor. Being dedicated and fully committed to what you love doing, working hard on it and achieving results, is not a luck. It's a consequence.

10 months ago, my boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to visit a far, exotic destination for longer than your average 7 to 10 night holiday. So we made a plan. We organised our finances; how long is it going to take us to make it happen, how many hours per week we need work, and how much we should save every month.

It was not easy. There were days I was waking up after 6 hours sleep because of writing a blog post till late the night before and asking myself - do I really want to go to work and do a full 9 hour day? Of course, I didn't. I could spend these 9 hours editing photos or blogging, but the idea of spending almost a month in Bali was stronger than the lack of enthusiasm. Every single time.

It's not luck to thank that I'm off to the Bali lagoon beaches that I've always wanted to visit. It's fully because of me and my choices.

It's sad that every so often I meet people who have forgotten that what happens in their life is in their own hands. The choices they made and the consequences of them are their own responsibility. It's easy to attribute luck (or the lack of it) for what happens in our lives. It's convenient and easy. It's also easy to admire from the outside (or be jealous of) other people's achievements. It's easy to sit and wait for something incredible to happen.

But I'll tell you a secret. The real good things in life don't come easy. It takes passion, dedication, patience, and commitment. Life is an adventure. A journey. A challenge. Words like "you're so lucky!", "I'm so jealous!" and "easy" shouldn't exist in your vocabulary at all if you want to make your dreams happen.

I work hard towards achieving my goals. Constantly. And I won't stop until I do. And so can you. All it takes is motivation and taking responsibility. Luck is so overrated.

P.S. More photos and a travel guide to come! Stay tuned! xx

- Сави, къде отиваш?!
- Отивам в Бали.
- Ехе, ти си такава късметлийка! Завиждам ти!!

"Ти си такава късметлийка."
"Завиждам ти."

Започва да ми омръзва да чувам тези думи. А напоследък ги чувам все по-често. Затова ще ви кажа една тайна. Няма такова нещо като късмет в живота ми що се отнася до работата ми.

Късмет е да уцелиш правилната шест цифрена комбинация и да спечелиш джакпота от лотарията.
Късмет е да караш до вкъщи мъртво пиян след луда нощ с приятели и да прекрачиш входната врата благополучно.
Късмет е продавачът в магазина да се разсея и да ти върне повече ресто.
Или да пристигнеш на автогарата с 5 минути закъснение и въпреки това да успееш да си хванеш влака, защото, видиш ли, и той взел, че закъснял.

Не е късмет, че съм на почивка в Бали за 3 седмици. Резултат е. От усилен труд, от правилни избори (не харесвам думата "лишения"), от целеустременост, от постоянство.

Не е голяма работа. Не е трудно постижимо (като да спечелиш от тотото, например). Но изисква отговорност и отдаденост.

Ще ви кажа защо. Преди 10 месеца с приятеля ми решихме, че искаме да посетим далечна и екзотична дестинация за по-дълго от стандартното туристическо време за посещение. Направихме си план. Пресметнахме колко трябва да спестим, за да го превърнем в реалност. И го осъществихме.

Не беше лесно, но се случи. Благодарение на нас. Не на късмета, на съдбата, на врачката, живееща отсреща. На нас самите.

Това, което искам да кажа е, че все по-често се сблъсквам с хора, забравили, че отговорността за живота им е в техни ръце. Лесно е да оправдаваме всичко с късмета или липсата на такъв, когато ни е удобно. Лесно е да гледаме живота на другите отстрани и да им се възхищаваме или завиждаме. Лесно е да чакаме и да се надяваме и нас това "голямо хубаво нещо" да ни се случи някой ден.

Но ще ви споделя още една тайна, която, струва ми се, всички дълбоко в себе си добре знаем, но забравяме - наистина хубавите неща в живота не се случват лесно. Животът е приключение. Пътешествие. Изпитание. И докато думи като "късметлия", "завиждам ти" и "лесно" присъстват в речника ти, шансът да постигнеш нещата, за които мечтаеш е малък.

Аз работя постоянно в посока постигане на мечтите си. Не се надявам на късмета. Не чакам правилния момент. Просто действам. Безотказно. Опитай и ти.

ПП. Очаквайте голям фотодневник от Бали, както и Travel guide пост със съвети и впечатления от престоя ми!


Mademoiselle S.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Tuesday, everyone! How you all doing? A few of you asked me on Instagram last week if I can make a little list of my personal recommendations for places to eat cheap in Central London, so here you go! Here are my top 3 spots for good yet affordable food in the British capital:

1. Broccoli Pizza & Pasta
49 Bedford St, London WC2E 9HA
020 7240 0574

Can't recommend enough the "original pizza" that the guys from Broccoli Pizza & Pasta offer. It's a vegetarian one (I am not vegetarian), but it's so so fresh and delicious, the cheese literally melts in your mouth. Tip: if you're on a diet (yes, hello, it's summer!) and don't feel like having a heavy meal, go for their Greek salad. You'll love it!

2. Coffee Culture
49 York Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7NJ
020 7620 1560

I mentioned a few days ago on my Instagram, that one of the best coffee shops I have visited in England, to me, is Coffee Culture. Not only because the atmosphere is great, as it's not a massive chain such as Starbucks or Nero, but the menu is amazing and the staff is so friendly! To be honest, this coffee shop doesn't really fall into category "cheap", BUT try their bagels and come back to thank me after! Tip: try the soup of the day!

3. Kula Cafe
21 James St, Mayfair, London W1U 1DS
020 7995 1455

Okay, yes, I saved the best for last. Literally, in the heart of London, just minutes from Oxford Street, (Jesus, I sound like an advert on the radio lol and that's not even a sponsored post), is hidden my top favourite dessert spot in the U.K. I only found it yesterday while looking for a cosy place to sit and catch up properly with my best friend as everywhere was so damn crowded, and boom... we found ourselves in Kula. Don't get me wrong, this cafe shop was fully packed as well but what made us stay and patiently wait for a table were the massive waffles and mouth-watering sundaes all the people were having on every single table. We decided to be healthy and share a £6 worth of classic Nutella banana and strawberry waffle, but I could happily (and easily) of had a couple myself! It was so damn tasty! Tip: Add to your waffle a hazelnut iced coffee. It’s scandelicious! 

Hope you guys liked this post and find it useful! Let me know your thoughts on the comment form below, and if you have any other recommendations for good and affordable spots in London, let me know! x


Mademoiselle S.


Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Every time when I tell someone I'm a blogger, their next question is "how much money do you spend on clothes?!". The truth is almost none. One of the perks of fashion blogging is that it often comes with a lot of free garments. Another benefit (even more precious to me personally) is that over the years, you naturally learn to spot the best fashion deals on the market and therefore never spend more than needed. You also learn how to mix and match, play with colours and materials, and keep only essential pieces in your wardrobe. Stuff that you can wear over and over again in different combinations, regardless of how much pizza you ate last night or how fat your tights look today. 

So to answer the question in the title, here you go. I've put together for you a basic, yet fashionable outfit that is easy on the wallet too. Keep in mind that basic doesn't have to mean boring. My look is composed of items in classic colours with exception of a trendy cross-body bag that screams expensive, but in reality, it's just £18. As you can tell, I am not a big accessories fan, but sometimes all you need to level up your outfit game is a nice bag that works well with your choice of shoes.

That's it from me for today. Wishing you all a great week full of inspiration!


Всеки път, когато се заговоря с някого и спомена в разговора, че съм моден блогър, последвалият коментар отсреща веднага е - "Е, ти трябва да харчиш много пари за дрехи, значи." Ами, истината е, че не, не значи. Точно обратното. От всичките ми месечни разходи, най-малък е този за модни придобивки и когато въобще присъства, то е най-често, защото съм се изкушила да купя нещо на приятеля си. (Мъжкият стайлинг ми е guilty pleasure.) 

Как тогава изглежда, че имам толкова много дрехи на снимки? - ще ме попитате. Не изглежда, а наистина имам - ще ви отговоря. Не знам дали е така в България (ще се радвам, ако коментирате под публикацията), но повечето активни модни блогъри по света, които имат голяма и лоялна аудитория, получават солидни количества безплатни дрехи. Самата аз се причислявам към тях. Така че, не, пари за дрехи в момента не давам. Естествено не винаги е било така. С годините модното блогърство ме научи да бъда разумна, когато инвестирам в нови придобивки. Да купувам само неща, които ще нося повече от 5 пъти, такива, които ще са подходящи в комбинации с останалата част от гардероба ми и (много важно!) независимо колко подут е коремът ми, или колко много пица съм изяла снощи, ще изглеждам и ще се чувствам добре в това, което съм избрала да облека в момента. Също така, да не забравя, професията моден блогър ме научи и как да помествам модните си желания в мъничък бюджет. (Защото, колкото и да ми се е искало, никога не съм разполагала с голям.) 

На горните снимки съм облечена с точно такъв аутфит - адекватен на сезона, изглеждащ скъпо, въпреки реалните цени на артикулите и отговарящ на всичките ми споменати условия. 

Успешна и изпълнена с вдъхновение седмица на всички! 


Mademoiselle S.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Working hard, looking forward to the day when I’ll be wearing my own work uniform as I’ll be my own boss. Until then though, I gotta fit in the “smart casual” dress code when it comes to work. So in today’s post, I want to give you some ideas on how to look presentable yet stylish in your workplace, too.

1) Cropped pants are a big YES this season. 

It’s incredible how much somebody’s taste can change over time. Just a few years ago (and you'll know if you've read my blog since the beginning), I was a proper hater when it came to cropped pants/culottes, or anything “cropped” in general. My argument would be that the eye stops where the pant leg ends and gives the impression your legs stop there too. However, what I didn’t consider at the time was how important it is to find the right length and cut. I’m so pleased I got my hands on those Dorothy Perkins suit trousers. After, literally months of looking for the perfect pair, I finally managed to find the best ones. Comfy, yet classy, not making my bum looking flat (as most of the others do) and (very important for me) good value for money. Even though I work in Hugo Boss and see everyday customers spending thousands of pounds on expensive suits, I still just can’t justify this kind of investment. I mean, if I had 2 grand to spend, I’d much rather go on a fancy holiday. Wouldn’t you?! 

2) Shoes can make or break the look.

As important as choosing the best length and cut for your body shape is picking the right pair of shoes. I’m not an expert myself, but when it comes to black cropped pants, I’d personally go for black shoes too. This way, I play safe and prevent “the eye stopping where the pant leg ends”. Another piece of advice I’d give is to make sure you keep the top of your foot as open as possible. Yes, it’s quite trendy now to style cropped pants with ankle boots, but I personally don’t think it works. If you do though, please be welcome to prove me wrong in the comments form below.

It’s finally summer. Let’s add some colors! There’s nothing wrong with a classy matching black suit, but what’s not to love about a pretty girly suit jacket in blush pink? I’d say it's a great addition not only to work trousers but jeans, skirts and even smart shorts too! 

4) The accessories matter.

I’m not a big fan of over accessorizing myself, but a pair of cool sunglasses is not only needed in that weather but can boost your fashion game to another lever. Agree or disagree?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and WELCOME BACK to my blog! Hope you like my new design as much as I do.

Have a great Tuesday! x


Мечтая си за деня, в който ще нося каквато си искам работна униформа, защото ще си бъда сама шеф. Толкова силно си мечтая за него, че ако енергията ми придобиеше физическа форма, щеше да опожари до основни сегашното ми работно място. Без съмнение. Обаче, докато този ден не се случи, всичко което ми остава, е да експериментирам с каквото ми попадне в ръцете, вписвайки се в работния ми дрескод - smart casual.

Наскоро получих имейл от марката Dorothy Perkins (има ли я в България?) с покана да си избера няколко артикула от сайта им и ако остана доволна от качеството, да споделя някоя друга снимка в социалните си мрежи. Съгласих се веднага, защото… защо не? Кой не обича безплатни дрехи?! 

Истината е, че това не е първият, а сигурна съм, няма и да е последният, бранд, с който  (ще) работя. Ежедневно получавам имейли от напълно неизвестни китайски онлайн бутици до популярни модни лейбъли, и ако продуктите им не съответстват на стила ми или качеството на живо се окаже… съмнително, е, снимките никога не виждат свят. Защото, самата аз, от всичко най-мразя, любимите ми блогъри да ме подвеждат.

Dorothy Perkins не само, че издържа теста, но и започна, бавничко, да взима място в сърцето ми. Влюбена съм в черния панталон, който нося на снимките. Толкова  е удобен, че съм убедена, ако колегите ми от работата четяха блога ми, щяха да потвърдят, как не го свалям. А очилата, макар и за 12 паунда (26лв), получават повече внимание от собствената ми персона! (Последното е шега, ама наистина получих няколко запитвания в инстаграм веднага щом качих една от горните снимки!)
Ако имате въпроси относно публикацията, пишете ми във формата за коментари по-долу. 

Също така, ДОБРЕ ДОШЛИ ОТНОВО в обновения ми блог! Надявам се новата визия да ви харесва толкова колкото на самата мен и да си е струвала чакането.

Хубав вторник на всички!


Mademoiselle S.


Monday, May 15, 2017


This post is in a collaboration with COACH and Vayner Media.
Photography by Fil Biggs.


Mademoiselle S.


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Shop my look here 

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to become a full-time blogger. I gotta admit that I am still working on it, but sooner or later I know I’ll get there. Since I made this decision and dedicated my time and energy to my blog and Instagram, everyday has been bringing new and exciting collaborations, like my latest one with Boohoo.

Gosh, if you only knew how delighted I was when I first received the invitation from Boohoo to join their blogger’s team for an afternoon tea at Bea’s of Bloomsbury. I was on my lunch break at work and almost spilled my coffee on my lunch box when I read the e-mail. Have always been a massive fan of Boohoo. It was like a dream come true.

If you’re following me on Instagram (thank you! 😊), you’ve probably already got an idea what this post is gonna be about. What you don’t know though is what all my emotions were like behind those beautifully styled photos. Before entering the doors of Bea's, a never ending river of questions all of a sudden appeared and started flowing through my mind - “Am I wearing the right outfit?!”, “What if no one understands my accent??”, “Am I well prepared?!”, “Wait!! Prepared for what?!?”. It was a real struggle to hide all of this monumental anxiety with my big, 'Mary Jo K by Kylie' smile. 

Happily, even though untypical for me, for the first time in my life not only that I wasn’t “fashionably late”, but I was one of the first guests. Hurrah!! No awkward silence with all eyes on you when introducing yourself. No awkward squeezing in between everyone for a seat.

5 minutes after I ordered my latte, all the initial anxiety was gone. The girls were lovely, the food to die for! Why I have never attended an event like that before?! Thank you so much, Boohoo, for having me on board! Had a great Sunday afternoon. 

Едно от Новогодишните ми решения бе да превърна блогърството си от хоби в професия на пълно работно време. Разбира се, все още работя по въпроса - за момента не изкарвам достатъчно, че да напусна сегашната си работа и да посветя цялото време на социалните си медии, обаче нещата бавно, но сигурно, вървят натам. 

Трудно ми е да ви опиша реакцията си, когато получих имейл от Boohoo с покана за присъединяване към неделното им чаено парти, като техен блогър. Бях точно излязла в обедна почивка, с чаша кафе в ръка и кутия с обяд от вкъщи пред мен, докато преглеждах имейлите си и попаднах на този. За малко да разлея кафето върху прилежно приготвения си омлет. 

Ако ме следите в инстаграм, (благодаря искрено, за което! 😊) ще сте запознати вече с темата на днешната ми публикация. Може дори да сте виждали някои от снимките. Това, което не знаете обаче, е колко невероятно щастлива и развълнувана бях в онзи ден. За малко да припадна от вълнение на входа на заведението. “Ами, ако не бях облечена подходящо за случая?!”, “Ами, ако всички вече се познаваха и аз бях единственият аутсайдер?!”, “Бях ли добре подготвена?” “Чакай, подготвена ЗА КАКВО?!?” - това бе само част от въпросите, разиграващи се из душевния ми монолог. Едва успявах да замаскирам притеснението (и объркаността поради липсата на отговори) зад 24 каратовата си усмивка, фиксирана с двоен пласт червило на Кайли. 

Съвсем нестандартно за мен, се оказах една от първите пристигнали. Имах възможност да избера да седна, където си поискам, без да се налага да се извинявам на хората, затова че неволно съм ги закачила с чантата си, докато се опитвам да се добера до невъзможно за достигане място. И да се запозная с всички. 

В следващия един час, може би, дойдоха всички момичета, общо бяхме около 12-тина човека. Темите за дискутиране включваха мъже, социални медии, Тиндер, връзки, храна. Нямаше ги кръстосаните разпити относно съдбоносното решение да започна блога си, както се опасявах. Бяхме просто група от 12 момичета, хапващи мъфини, облечени в рокли. Накрая, за награда, получихме по малка торбичка с подарък-изненада от Boohoo и Bea’s of Bloomsbury (хостът на събитието).

Никога досега не бях присъствала на подобна блогърска среща (в България не ме канят, защото живея в Англия, а в Англия все още не знаят блога ми), затова съм страшно щастлива, че Boohoo ми предостави тази възможност. Нямам търпение да посетя следващото им събитие, на 4-ти Май, когато ще представят новата си есенно-зимна колекция. 

Хич не е лоша тази блогърска професия, казвам ви. 


Mademoiselle S.